Touch the Strings by Mark McCain and Erika Johnson – Album Review

[album cover]

[album cover]
modern classical, Celtic, bluegrass, and jazz
Album: Touch the Strings (CD) by Mark McCain and Erika Johnson.

I included a whole album suggestion because this CD is great for times when students need to work silently. Some pieces may help to keep up a student’s pace during journal writing. Other songs are good for silent reading.

Lyrics: None (instrumental).

Style: Guitarist and Cellist playing modern classical, Celtic, bluegrass, and jazz. Peaceful, positive, energizing, and uplifting.

Recommended Age: Any.

Genre: Strings.

Year: 2003.

Videos: Live performances from

“American Honey” by Lady Antebellum – Song Review

Song: “American Honey” (mp3) by Lady Antebellum on the album, Need You Now (CD).

Length: 3:45

Lyrics: Safe.

Topic: Safe. Reminiscing about childhood and longing to have the good times back again.

Theme: sentimentality, comfort, and longing.

Recommended Age: Any.

Genre: Country.

Year: 2010.

Video: (CMT | YouTube). Shots of the band members singing in the countryside intermixed with shots of childhood innocence. A young boy rides a bike, and a young girl walks among laundry drying on clotheslines. A teenage boy and girl hold hands, take a walk, and eventually share a short, tender kiss (so it may get giggles from some elementary students).