Free e-recycling in Houston

It’s summer, so I’m currently sorting through (what has become) the clutter of my past: my garage full of stuff.

One category which is pretty big is obsolete electronics. I have decided to recycle much of it instead of trying to find a home for it (by selling it). It will save me time, and each year a higher percentage of it has become truly useless.

One problem: It’s really hard to recycle electronic waste in Houston / Harris County unless you want to pay for it (Office Depot, DataReflects, Best Buy, etc.). Since a recycling program should be able to pay for itself — I am recycling valuable metals here — I don’t feel comfortable paying to have stuff recycled.

This means I have to be in the right place at the right time. Houston has two drop-off locations. One is open two week days per week and one Saturday per month, which the other is open one day per month:

I had a hard time even finding out about these options, and it seems that someone noticed this is a problem and did a study on it: “Free E-Recycling, But Nobody Knows” (pdf).

WHACTE – West Houston Area Council of Teachers of English

Last week, I went to the WHACTE 2009 Fall Breakfast.

I was most happy to hear that the new TEKS–which I have been leery of–are being assessed by a test designed by teachers. The TEA has selected teachers to figure out what parts of the new TEKS are even assessable. Also, until the new TAKS tests are deployed, the TAKS will only assess the overlap of the old TEKS and the new TEKS.

The speakers also reminded us of the TCTELA anual conference January 22-24, 2010, in Austin and the Abydos/NJWPT conference March 4-6, 2010, in Houston.

The food was good, too.