SO: = subject only

I’ve seen EOM appended to the subject of an email to signify that there is no body text. The “EOM” is the end of the message.

I’d like to introduce SO: as a prefix of email messages to signify that there is no body text. The “SO:” stands for “subject only” (there is no body message).

I like it because it mimics the RE: and FWD: prefixes that email clients already use. In fact, if you hit send on a message with no body text, the email client could insert “SO:” in front of the subject you wrote.

This has all the benefits of EOM, and I like it better, but since EOM hasn’t really caught on, is it too much of a battle to get SO: adopted? Should I just give in and use EOM? Is it worth explaining either of them, or should I just continue to have both a subject and body text on every email?