How to Bookmark to on the iPhone

If you’re a Delicious user, you probably use a Delicious Bookmarklet in your browser of choice to bookmark a page you are currently viewing. On the iPhone you can’t (yet) easily do this, because you can’t bookmark the JavaScript needed create the bookmarklet from within Safari on the iPhone.

(If you use Safari on OS X, you can drag and drop the bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar and it will sync to your iPhone).

With the simple steps below, you can create the bookmarklet by and once, and then use it to bookmark as many web pages as you want to Delicious.

Now that the iPhone has copy and paste, you can create a dummy bookmark in Safari on the iPhone and change the address to the proper JavaScript code to make the bookmarklet work on your iPhone!

To create the bookmarklet in Safari on your iPhone, follow these directions:

  1. You will be switching between a few pages in Safari on your iPhone as you create the bookmarklet.
    1. Keep this page open this page in Safari on your iPhone (or if you want to more easily read it as you work, open it on a computer).
    2. Open the page with the code for the Delicious bookmarklet (link opens in a new window).
      Note: I got this code by using Firefox on a computer because you can’t “view source” in Safari on the iPhone. I highlighted the link and used (right click) “View Selection Source” to see the code in the Safari section of the “Install Bookmarklets on Delicious” page.
    3. Open Delicious (link opens in a new window).
  2. Login to Delicious.
  3. Create a dummy bookmark to the Delicious page you arrive at just after you log in (by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of your screen, tapping the “Add Bookmark” button,  and tapping “Save”). You will edit this later.
  4. Switch back to the page page with the code for the Delicious bookmarklet.
  5. Copy the code.
    1. Tap+hold on the word “javascript” and let go when you see the loupe.
    2. Drag the ending handle to the after the last parenthesis
      (this will either select the whole “block” or the whole line — either is okay).
  6. Tap on the book icon to view your Bookmarks.
  7. Tap the “Edit” button (at the bottom).
  8. To edit your dummy bookmark, tap the right arrow next to your “Username‘s Bookmarks on Delicious” bookmark.
  9. Change the bookmarklet’s name to “Bookmark on Delicious” (by deleting your user name and the letter “s” in “Bookmarks“).
  10. In the address, “Select All” (tap+hold and let go when you see the loupe) and choose “Paste” from the options that appear.
  11. Tap “Done” at the bottom of the screen to finish editing the bookmarklet, tap “Done” again to finish editing your Bookmarks, and tap “Done” a third time to return to the code.
  12. You may now close any Safari pages and browse to a page you want to bookmark on Delicious.

To use this bookmarklet on any web page you’re visiting:

  1. Tap the book icon (to open your Bookmarks) and tap the “Bookmark on Delicious” bookmark.
  2. This will open a new page in Safari on the iPhone (as long as you have fewer than ten pages already open) with the details of the page already filled in to save a bookmark on Delicious.
  3. Edit the Title and URL to your liking, add any tags or notes you want, and tap “Save” to finish.
  4. The page will close and let you go right back to what you were doing.