Bacon Avocado Cheese Burger

(note: if you want to start a low-carb diet yourself, I recommend reading why: Why We Get Fat (including a simple how — and it’s the “how” I’m doing) and how: New Atkins.)

Half an avocado per day is okay on a low-carb diet. This may just save my life — literally. I’m from California, so I can’t live long without avocado (and I’d give up on this life-saving diet if I couldn’t eat them).

Bunless Hamburger: (combine all ingredients into a bowl)

  • Cut up a Beef or Turkey burger into bite-sized pieces — make sure it’s palatable plain since it’s the main ingredient.
  • Mix in shredded cheese, so it melts.
  • (optional) Mix in two pieces of bacon, chopped.
  • (optional) After the cheese has melted, add diced or halved-and-sliced tomatoes.
  • Cut half an avocado into slices, and place on mix. Or mash slices with a splash of lemon juice, salt, and pepper for simple guacamole.
  • Top with lettuce (chopped into bite-sized pieces and tossed with a spoonful of mayonnaise — I actually prefer the taste of Vegenaise).

I eat a few variations of this, depending on available ingredients (such as lightly fried, diced bell pepper).