Snack Time, Nuts!

(note: if you want to start a low-carb diet yourself, I recommend reading why: Why We Get Fat (including a simple how — and it’s the “how” I’m doing) and how: New Atkins.)

It’s pretty difficult to find low-carb snack food. I’m eating food (meat, veggies) that’s quickly perishable to stick to this diet. There’s cheese and jerky that can stand a bit of time outside of the fridge, but not indefinitely.

In my desk, I keep a container of roasted, salted, mixed nuts. I also have what are essentially Tupperware shot glasses. Since I have to limit my intake of nuts (they do contain carbs), I measure one (or sometimes two) shots per day. This is the snack I eat the most during the school year.

At home, I just nibble on ingredients I use in other meals (which I’ll post soon).